About Me

Sebastian and MeMy name is Cynthia De La Torre and I love all things weird, whimsical, creepy, and magical. My all time favorite holiday is Halloween – my home is covered in Halloween decor all year round. It makes me happy. I am particularly happy in the fall, right before Halloween. Now that I have my son, Sebastián, I am delighted to share with him the fantastical world that is Halloween.

Some of my earliest memories include some form of creative expression, exploring, daydreaming about traveling to different worlds (through stories), and using odd objects as characters (like paper clips, acorns, or rocks) and playing for hours on my own. I have always considered my imagination to be a close friend and ally and when I don’t spend time with it, I feel depressed and empty.

I love creating new worlds that exist only in my head and seeing them come to life in various forms. I tend to experiment with different mediums and try to find new ways of bringing my ideas to life. The main ones that I tend to rely on are drawing and some form of collage making. I also keep a bucket list of creative projects I want to make one day – at the top of that list are making books (of quite a few characters that are jumping around in my head – trying desperately to get my attention), to crate a haunted doll house for my son (and for any future kids I may have), a tunnel book, and a short claymation movie.

I also love reading all kinds of books, but I tend to lean more towards fiction. My passion for books began from a very early age – I loved living vicariously through the characters I read about. My favorite books to read, at a young age, were horror stories, I then moved on to magical realism, dystopian novels, and novels written by minority groups sharing their experiences – although, all throughout I still kept reading horror stories).

I really love writing creatively as well. As a child I had a notebook full of story ideas and different characters I was developing. I wanted to write and illustrate books at a young age, but somewhere along the way I gave up that dream because it seemed unrealistic. Luckily, I came to my senses, at the age of 30, and decided that even if I never get a book published, I have to keep writing, illustrating and giving life to my characters, otherwise I’ll be miserable.

Lastly, I like creating things that are representative of my experiences as a Mexican-American woman. I hope to be able to write and publish a few books that have female characters that are the heroines of the story and not the damsels in distress. I also want to present characters that come from the same background I do. I think it is essential to have all groups of people, from all walks of life, be represented – especially in children’s books. I always yearned for books or stories about hispanic girls, but that was not something I was often exposed to.

Lastly, I also love coffee. 🙂 And it should also go without saying that I love my son, husband, and family. They love me as I am – with all my weird quirks and all.

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