Day 16 – Appliance (Sort of) – #AprilArtChallenge

After I worked on the TV and posted it online, I realized that a TV is not an appliance. Oh well, I made a lamp previously, which is an appliance.

The TV was pretty simple to make. I simply began by deciding on the size and shape of the TV, so that it would make sense in the room. The TV stand served as a great reference for the length and the shape.

I first made the frame of the TV and cut that out, then I made a smaller section in gray that would go in the middle of the TV.

The next step involved cutting a hole in the center and adding a clear vellum paper to the back. I also added the little buttons, the antenna and then colored it in with markers.

The TV was pretty simple and quick, but I really love the way it came out. I cut a hole on the wall behind the TV to let light in, which made it so much cooler.

Make sure you check back and follow me on Instagram (@WhimsicalStoryBooks), to keep up to date on what piece I am working on next, and to see the finished light box.

What medium are you currently working with to create art?

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