Day 17 – A Pair – #AprilArtChallenge

I decided to make a pair of conjoined twins for today’s prompt. I wanted them to be young and sweet looking, but for there to be a macabre scene around them. (I still need to create the macabre elements.)


The girls were pretty simple to create. As I usually do, I began by sketching out the size and overall shape, I then cut out that as reference and began working on the clothes. I wanted them to have a tutu, so I used a cardstock paper as the base, then two semi-transparent pieces of paper to go over that – I added detail with marker. For the shirt, I wanted them to have torn bits and have a leopard print top showing in the bottom – to give it more of an 80’s vibe. So that’s what I did.

The next step was deciding what hairstyles they would have. I knew I wanted to give at least one of them a side pony tail. The easiest one to do that to was the one looking directly at the TV. For that hairstyle, I only used two separate layers, the base of the hair and the ponytail. I added colored pencil to give it a bit more texture. Then I added a big scrunchie to fit in with the 80’s theme.

The other girl would have big 80’s bangs and a big bow. This one did require more layers, to give it a bit more movement and texture. For this girl, I also had to make a face. I didn’t want them both to be looking away, because I wanted to show that they were not scared, but in fact happy. The face was extremely simple and just drawn on.

I also decided to make a cup with two straws and to add the zombie game scene on the TV. However, I might be remaking both. I think I have better ideas (especially for the TV scene) that will fit in better with the original idea I had in mind.

I have some last few details in mind that will really add an eerie vibe to this piece. Stay tuned.

Make sure you check back and follow me on Instagram (@WhimsicalStoryBooks), to keep up to date on what piece I am working on next, and to see the finished light box.

How long does it take you to complete an art piece typically?

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