Witch’s Cave Light Box

Available for Purchase HERE.

The Story

Helga caught her sister, Olga, with her lover, Señor Esqueleto. This always happened to her.

To get back at both of them she transformed her sister into a frog and used her as part of the ingredients for her poison stew.
Poor Señor Esqueleto . . .

 . . . he was too focused on being a smooth talker to notice the pile of ex-lovers stashed in the corner.

The Prompts

Click on the links to view the blogs for those prompts.

Day 1 – Amphibians

Day 2 – Skeletons

Day 3 – Poisonous

Day 4 – Prehistoric

Day 5 – Witchy

Extra Info & Pictures

This particular light box gave me a lot of trouble. There were many pieces that I had to end up redoing because the sizing was completely off. This one definitely helped me figure out how to better plan out the rest of the light boxes so that I wouldn’t run into this problem again.

The Original Sketch


Tools used


Specialty Cardstock Starter Kit, 8.5 X 11 Inches, 72 Count

Vellum Paper Variety Pack Assorted

Origami Paper Assorted Transparent Color


Flexible LED Light Strip Warm White 16.4 Feet (5 Meter)

Adapter Cable Connector Kit for Single Color LED Strip Lights 2 Pcs

ZIUMIER Regulated Transformer for LED Strip Lights 2 Pack

LED Strip Light Inline On/Off Switch Cable 4 Pcs


PH Neutral PVA Adhesive 4 ounce bottle

Xacto N0. 1 Precision Knife With 5 No. 11 Blades

Rubber Tip Tweezers

Kuretake Watercolour Brush Pens 24-Colors

Prismacolor Colored Pencils 72-Count

Make sure you check back and follow me on Instagram (@WhimsicalStoryBooks), to keep up to date on what piece I am working on next. There are many more light boxes to come.

What type of light boxes would you like to see from me?

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