Weekly Paper Art Update 2

This week I managed to complete two of my light boxes. I find this part really exciting because I never really know what the end result will be until they are actually done.

I also started working on two new projects, but both of them are in the very beginning stages. I will most likely begin work on another light box as well. I’m trying to cram in as much work, because once the baby comes (I’m due in six weeks) I won’t have much time to do anything.

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90 Day Art Challenge Paper Art Update (Jan 1 – Jan 12)

It’s the start of my first 90 Day Art Challenge. I decided to focus on paper art, seeing as that’s the medium that has interested me the most these past couple of months.

The ultimate goal of this challenge is to improve my skills as an artist by reading up on the medium, learning from other paper artists, and by making paper art every day for the next three months.

Below is a day by day breakdown of what I made and learned each step of the way, these past two weeks.

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Book Review – Journey

61596besl6l-_sx258_bo1204203200_Summary – Tells the story of a little girl who feels neglected and lonely. She finds a magic red color and draws a door in her bedroom which leads to a magical world. She takes her crayon along and uses it to draw modes of transportation (a boat, hot air balloon, and a magic carpet). The adventures she goes on are amazing. Eventually it leads her to a new friend and a life that is much less lonely.

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